Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winter Ashtanga practice

It's the first of the month, and the first day of Melbourne winter. Tuesday is an extra early morning practice for me - at the studio at 5.30am with Astrid in tow, ready for practice with Njala. The studio was actually quite toasty this morning, given he had practiced prior. I really much prefer the warmth of summer, although Melbourne summer was warm and balmy way into late April this year. However the cold is really here, with months of endurance to go.

I am so loving practice again, despite still having limitations with my knee post arthroscope 2009. It is I must say now much stronger than even the first few months of 2010, though still a big loss of flexibility - so plenty more to work with. Padmasana is back in my grasp, but forget garba pindasana arms through - well for a while at least.

I am only now starting to grasp what I have learnt (besides look after your knees) on the road to recovery. I am definitely less rigid about the practice and the "rules". I was discussing it this morning - perhaps if you never have a major thing wrong with you, you can just follow the practice or it's evolution, but it is only after you have an issue that you seek out things beyond, the old ways or develop new ways. It is about enquiry - I have really learnt in the past 5 months to look and enquire - and to have fun.

I love this practice more than ever - it only gets harder, but that's alright by me. Winter makes it more of a challenge but at least we don't have snow! And every day brings me closer to my trip to India, the warmth, and another joyful day and practice.