Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chai Madam?

So nice to be back in my beloved India. We arrived last night at some ungodly hour following the best part of a day in KL, running around with a bit of shopping thrown in. The flight from KL was delayed due to a torrential downpour and electrical storm of massive proportions. It also reintroduced me to India again via the way the "turn off your mobile phone, remain seated with your seat beat fastened" can be ignored by most!
We arrived very late to our home stay - Saj Homestay with Saj greeting us and promising a local breakfast delicacy and chai for when we awoke from our much needed slumber. And yum yum - three rounds of masala dosa, pineapple juice and chai - nirvana - a fine greeting.
We spent the day doing the sights, and lunching on dal fry and fresh lime sodas - to die for! Tonight we went to the kathakali dance production, followed by beers and nibbles at Malabar House where Rob and I stayed many years ago. Great day, great reentry, hello India!

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Location:Fort Cochin, Kerela, India

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