Monday, February 23, 2009

I've got all high tech this weekend - first Twitter, now a blog - a means to keep in touch, a way to record my thoughts.  To Touch is to Bind - touch what? - stay tuned and all will be revealed.  
I am about to embark on my fifth trip to India - gorgeous India.  A country, as my first Ashtanga teacher mentioned, often best enjoyed in retrospect.  I felt this very true after my first trip - all the insanity and chaos, beauty and sheer ugliness, all the things everyone tells you - an overload on the senses, extremes of everything.  But one thing India isn't - it's never boring!  I now enjoy it not only in retrospect, but in the moment - all the good and bad.  I am presently looking so forward to being there, everything about it, and particularly the ability to relax for a month in Mysore, my only focus being my yoga.  
8 days left of work - so much to do, crazy times at home with Rob working around the clock - the grapes wait for no one, or no trip.  My body packing up on me, tired, injured back and ankle, making my practice challenging, though it will always be something, some ache or limitation - I'm no longer 21 you know.  Anyway one strong adjustment in Mysore and there goes my back, shoulder, rib, something - lots to look forward to.  Tonight the dogs dragged me around the streets - the afternoon walk - and I thought - forget the osteopath this week - a daily drag will undo all.  I will just take my tired, body - as is and enjoy my practices both those remaining here and those in Mysore, with whatever comes, hopefully a touch - or a real bind!!

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