Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The countdown is on - 7 days of work left, nearly as many practices - with tomorrow's moon day.  With the moon day I decided after a struggled practice this morning - the osteopath was in order.  With Rohan away, off to Josh - and he sorted me out, foot and SI - lets hope with moon day off, all will settle.  It was brutal - the things I will do for Ashtanga.  With moon day looming a late night beckons.  

Pixie and Chief sleep - my gorgeous pups - well dogs - they are divine - I will miss them so much - every dog in India (and there are plenty) is a constant reminder.   And real dogs - not Slumdogs - speaking of which - great film and congratulations to all involved.  Though a major flaw in the film - they would not have kissed - a no no culturally - but great Bollywood style dance number at the end.  Bless - great film, great soundtrack.  Mark and I went on Boxing Day - we loved it - were emphatic, ecstatic, and raved all the way home and beyond.  People probably hate us - but am sure they saw the film because of our enthusiasm.

Glad I succumbed to my internal pressure and went in search of bodywork - lets hope my sleep does not undo the work.  Om!!

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