Thursday, September 17, 2009

45 and not out!

Made it and am feeling good - I actually have plenty of moments where I feel in my youth - though those I can tell you are not physically yoga related! Nevertheless I am confident I will be back on the mat next week - I could push it this week but feel a few more days will give my knee time to consolidate! See I did learn something from last week's disaster!!

Had a dream I was doing supta kurmasana the other night (not something physically possible with my left leg at the moment). Anyway just as I was shifting my foot behind my head I woke up with an almighty cramp - so maybe that was a little alarm to be mindful of as I venture back on to the mat!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patience (not really even sure how you spell it and I am such a spelling stickler)

It was funny - when I was in Mysore, the first conference I attended Sharath talked about patience - to do yoga you need it. Having never been a particularly patient person (ever) I felt he was talking to ME! Well now all those words come back as I learn how to walk - and slowly, and do no practice, physical exercise - nada!! I'm 45 this weekend and this experience has made me value what's left of my youth (if any), and to be kinder to my body. And to cultivate patience - I am so an all or nothing person!