Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delhi I am warming to you.............

I did have a KL post but my mac wouldn't work with the hotel's wifi. Anyway here I am in Delhi. After another fab flight with Air Asia, I arrived in Delhi. The airport looks amazing, very swish and glam. My pick up however never eventuated (as I suspected would occur), nevertheless I grabbed a prepaid taxi voucher and headed out to be greeted by a range of dodgy looking vehicles with even dodgier drivers. Mine smelt of the drink and drove like it too. I swore many times and had sore eyelids from clamping them shut many more as we sped into town with little regard for anyone or anything else. Of course he had no idea where we were going but suggested he take me to another hotel which was met with much protest from moi. I did notice between potential smashes that the whole place looked remarkably clean. Anyway we finally found it and I was soon in my room sipping a vodca (vodka + Limca - my fav non alco Indian drink). Oh and I also picked up the latest Indian Vogue and Elle so had a lovely night, despite being quite exhausted flicking through the Indian fashion mags!

Sleep was minimal - woke up at all hours and many times so got up early and headed to New Delhi Railway Station to try and book a confirmed train to Mysore or Bangalore to no avail, but got a few tips on navigating the train system from the guy.

I then headed to Connaught Place and Scindia House to book my city sights tour for tomorrow, then had coffee and chatted to some guys from Srinagar, before heading on a self guided shopping tour of Janpath, the Tibetan markets and up market designer boutiques in Khan Market. I then navigated the metro all on my own (well with the help of a few people - it's good) taking the ladies carriage and making it back to my hotel thought Main Bazaar without drama.

So I am warming to Delhi, and tomorrow will do some old sites, and Wednesday, before leaving for Udaipur. Oh and I will pick up my reading glasses I'm having made for $10.50 tomorrow - bargain - my Chanel frames, but $10 - it's crazy! An am loving the shopping, might try and find designer Manish Arora's store tomorrow arvo though he is a little out of my price range. Though I helped a girl pick a Divali frock today and she suggested I buy one - we were in another favorite designers store - all my Indian mags coming to life, but I didn't have anyone to buy me one, and I think her mum was not keen on forking out for me (her dress was about $500 - $600 AUDs).

Anyway it was a great day and tomorrow I will take the metro again - let's hope it is another fun packed Delhi day!

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