Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So much to laugh at, so many reasons to cry

Yesterday while driving from monument to monument it occurred to me that there are many amusing aspects of life in India. I was waiting at the lights (yes amazing they stop) and there was this guy going from car to car with an assortment of goods one might find in a $2 shop. What made me laugh out loud was that he had one of those synthetic feather duster type things and I wondered who would be driving along and think "oh just what I (or my wife) needs". And many other things - I have had a number of laughs at life - something that often happens to me in India.

It is also normal to go through a whole gamit of emotions in a day, even an hour. Life is also cheap and hard, some sights just make you sad, the poverty, homelessness, helplessness of many. I have often wondered in the last two days as I leave my hotel early, with people sleeping on the streets, totally destitute, their stories, who knows. But yesterday I actually wondered whether someone was dead or alive. I really don't know.

And today I visited the Gandhi Smitri, Birla house, the location of his assasination. It was really powerful and made me reflect on what a truely amazing, unique soul he was. Many stories bought a tear to my eye.

Tonight I move on from Delhi, I've really enjoyed my time. I've mastered the metro, navigated the city by foot, rickshaw, bus and train, been infuriated by the touts, and humbled by the kindness of people. So Udaipur here I come, the place of my past life ancestral home I feel.

The only things missing thus far are the urchins with their chapati hands, and someone throwing thrice into a sentence. But now I leave on a train, so anything is possible!

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  1. Hey Luv!
    Sounds like India is working its charms a treat with you (both good and bad).
    Wish I was there exploring Delhi with you too!! Its funny how much I think about my experiences in India and how good it would be to go back for a visit.
    Im jealous about you pending trip to Udaipur!! Say Namaste to her for me!!

    Love reading about your travels..keep up the good work.
    P.S I hope you dont regret carting the laptop around (thanks to me
    Mark X