Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Day to go

Holy moley or Krishna or someone - I am so glad to be off travelling late tomorrow - 6 weeks of excitement, the unknown and potentially crazy adjustments - hey but beats working all day after practice - which is always the highlight of the day - practice that is.  Have been having a whine tonight and a wine - one has to wonder whether having 6 weeks off is a good idea from the perspective that you have to do the work you would do in those 6 weeks before you go.  I have a face full of pimples - given my age I am not impressed - but that's what a bit of anxiety does.  All for the yoga!!
I have not packed - I have two cricket bats to take as well - will give them to some kids - they were Rob's and while they were probably made in India - it seems fitting they return - they are fancy - they'll love 'em - but have to fit them in.  As for my stuff - well it will depend how much time I have after work tomorrow - and have a heap of dirty clothes to bring too.
All in all I can't wait - but will miss the Pix, Chiefy and their master - though have promised them I will not pat any puppies this time - ouch - love rabies too!!!
See you on the colorful Indian side - if not before.
Stay tuned..............

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