Thursday, November 19, 2009

Practice Post Sydney

Well practice post Sydney and Sharath has been a little up and down, though I am slowly figuring out things regarding my leg. Last week was relatively easy, and the warmth certainly made practising a joy, not to mention the inspiration of the preceding week with Sharath.

Saturday my knee was killing me and my ankle – well it was a cankle, (hard to tell where the calf stopped and the ankle began) – so had a light practice, and a swim in the bay and lounge on the beach afterwards. I then started to think about the swelling and patterns surrounding it – seems like every time I have a bit of wine it goes the puff. So maybe it’s time to experiment and minimise or eliminate the booze for a while. Certainly won’t hurt me, might improve me on many levels!!

Went to the golf (still with cankle and sore knee) on Sunday to see Tiger and of course the other boys playing – it was very inspiring – and focussed – definitely some parallels with yoga in some respects, though these guys are raking it in, and it is competition unlike the old Ashtanga practice. Though I’ve gained some inspiration from the man himself – Tiger – it is just like our late Guru said – “Practice, practice and all is coming” – he is testament to this, another golfer and his story has particularly caught my attention, given my road to recovery – James Nitties. The destiny of one is in their soul….and as he said it is important to remember there is always someone worse off than yourself. So true and again it has put everything into perspective for me. It has reinspired my practice, particularly my self practice which has been rocking this week, and made me focus on doing everything in my power to achieve full recovery.

This week a bit of a cold put practice on hold this Monday, blocked nose, sore throat, no need to spread it around. Tuesday was great and there were lots of people in the studio for a bit on momentum and energy. Wednesday it was moi – I practiced to Sharath’s led count on my iphone, and same same today, though half Mysore style, and from Bhujapidasana with Sharath. Leg feeling good, a bit sore but not swollen, and feeling very inspired – got a bit of a swing out of the golf! And tomorrow class – looking forward to it more than ever.

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