Sunday, December 5, 2010

All good things must come to an end! WHY??

I am soaking up my last days in beautiful India.  I am trying to fit so much in I fear I will need a holiday when I return, actually there has not been much "rest" the past week, with wedding fever etc., thankfully today is Moonday and there is no practice.  Actually I have decided that is what the plane is for - rest, what else is there to do.

Last night I went with Ismael my Spanish friend to Mahesh Prasad Hotel (no booze hotel) for my last butter naan, then we went for our ritualistic and last ice cream sundae at Corner House.  This morning Sandhya and Jaya spoilt me with ragi rotis with chutney, followed by chapatis with banana, jaggery, cardamon, coconut and cinnamon.  Mmmmmm.  I also had to have one with just jaggery, my favorite.  Last night I bought a kilo of the jaggery I love to bring home, as if I don't have enough baggage.  Today I went in town and did my last bits and pieces (translation = shopping), and this afternoon I am off to a friends for some sweet chapatis and cake, followed by the wedding reception here in Mysore.  I have my new sari ready, with some nice OTT jewellery to match.

I have been reflecting on the many things I will miss about India - here's some:
  • the laid back chilled out life style
  • the colour and daily visual and sensory overloads
  • the lovely people, rich and poor, people are generally so beautiful - I always miss this
  • Sandhya's cooking, and Jaya and the girls
  • food glorious Indian food - I have had very little Western food at all this time - I love the food hence the waistline
  • sari shopping and wearing - maybe I will get into this at home
  • cheap transport - rickshaws, and hooning around on the back of my friend's scooter in thongs and no protective wear whatsoever!!
  • shopping, shopping, shopping
  • not having to work
  • proper chai - my little chai stand on the road
  • coconuts after practice
  • the carrot cake - though now I have the recipe
  • jaggery
  • being treated like a celebrity
  • that there is no mention of Christmas, no carols, no trying to make you buy crap you don't want, all the major things I hate about Christmas - so far Christmas free here!
  • Being called madam
  • too too much to mention.
What I wont miss:
  • Noise, stinky smells like you have never smelt before that burn your nose and stay in there for hours
  • fire crackers - too many festival = too many excuses to let off crackers that sound like the city is being blown up - oh and mainly just at the yoga student's bed time
  • walking into a store, looking at something - any randon reason for a shop keeper to say in a gruff tone - "what do you want?" - not "how may I help you"
  • Asking for something in a store and they get out everything but the thing you want
  • prices - just tell me the god damn real price - let's not make it a guessing game, or who ever cracks first - I am the master of the walk away!
  • Rickshaw drivers that like to try and rip you off
  • cockroaches the size of small birds, and rats on the way to practice
  • people hacking up their lungs whilst chatting to you or at any given opportunity, oh make that also farting, belching, better out than in!
  • Bad or unnecessary adjustments in yoga class.
I am however looking forward to a nice vino, but really I could give it up for Sandhya's cooking and a good supply of good jaggery.  I am really looking forward to seeing Rob, Pixie and Chief too - but it would be nice if they could just come here.

Well best I get on my merry way, I have engagements to attend.

Goodbye from India - as always it's been lovely, I hate to think about leaving, but it must be done I guess.  Til next time, and there will be, thanks for coming on the journey!

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