Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homeward bound

I want India back.  Arrived in KL last night after a great flight with Air Asia - three seats to myself, exit row, so had a good sleep, and boy I needed it.  Bed was late on Sunday night after the last of the wedding receptions.  I wore a black sari and lots of Indian jewellery, it was fun and I got to say my goodbyes to a whole bunch of lovely people, including Santhosh and Sparsha, the newly wedded couple.

Sunday was busy, last shopping, and then over to Lokesh and Sukas place for some sweet chapatis.  Suka then helped me dress in my sari and then Lokesh dropped me at the reception on his bike, me sitting side saddle in my sari, very Indian lady style!

I was up early yesterday for the last practice - Ajay didn't come as he was apparently sick, so I had one more session of bad adjustments, and actually had a very half hearted practice, it was cold in there and I was pretty tired after the wedding and packing half the night.

Here I am in KL.  I am scared to go home - three Christmas trees here in the hotel lobby, I am not ready for this - how India has protected me.  Next time I will stay post Christmas.  I want India back for lots of reasons, I already miss her, the colour, the saris, even the smells.  Oh and I just had breakfast - yes add food to the list of things I miss.

I did however have my first beer last night in over a month, and it was nice.  I suspect with the silly season in full swing at home, it will not be the last for a while.  Melbourne here I come!

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