Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's all happening now - well all except yoga practice!

The days are flying by with so much to do so little time.  Many of my new Mysore friends are leaving or have just left.  I took Carryn to the station the other morning for her first ever Indian railway journey, and also bought my ticket out of town for next Monday.  Others in the house have left leaving just Ismael from Spain and I, as well as Sandhya and Jaya of course.  Ismael and I have been zooming around on his scooter, and have recently rediscovered the ice-cream parlour, where we are currently trying to eat our way through the sundaes menu.  Spanglish continues to be the lingo of the day!

Yesterday was the first of the wedding functions, where they do pooja in the home and get the groom ready.  It was really lovely, though Santhosh told me just to come casually, so I dressed nice yoga casual (that's all I have), only to arrive to find all the ladies in their sari and jewellery finery.  So the purchase of another sari was in order and occurred yesterday afternoon so I don't do the "just casual" routine again.  It is black and white with some red and a gold border - it is a bit Sass and Bide do saris I think, anyway it will make a few nice outfits later and did not cost a fortune.  The one I really loved I could see would end in disaster as it was silk chiffon with a fantastic gold border with a bit of green, with a grand price to match.  Problem is you love all these wild colours here, and get back home to the land of dull and black and discover you were a bit out of your mind.  Anyway I hope I can pull them off - it's all very exciting.  Also have a raft of bangles and bling to go with the outfits.

Today we leave for the town where the wedding is - tonight there is a reception, and tomorrow morning at 9am the marriage occurs.  I have a fancy sari for that occasion.  On Sunday evening there is the wedding reception in Mysore.  Sunday is also Moonday so no practice, and today I skipped vinyasa class as I feel all stuffed up - it is a little cold here at the moment, and I have to swan around in saris over the next few days.  And you know I am a bit over the over-adjustment, adjust you in ever damn pose for the sake of it class - and if anyone plays piano fingers on my back or shoulder again I will scream!!  Looking forward to practice back at home with Karyn.  Anyway I only have Monday morning now - so will get my ass out of bed for the last time at 4.30am then. 

Well it's time to head off to the wedding festivities.  Full report tomorrow night!

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