Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh I am in love.......

with wearing saris, looking at saris, buying saris, the list goes on.  Who would have known, particularly as I have always thought only Indian women look good in saris.  That's not too say I think I look good, but I don't think I look horrid, I will review the photos and decide. It just feels like dressing up and very special occasion, and I guess it was, my friends wedding.   I will post some shots next week along with my favourites from this trip.  But seriously it is sari fever here in my heart and wallet, I just purchased my third to wear to the reception on Sunday, after wearing one a last nights reception and today's divine wedding of my friend Santhosh and his gorgeous bride Sparsha.  Man it was sooooo beautiful and long too, but really the rituals looked lovely, despite the photographer bossing and yelling at them throughout.  There will be many photos of mine to come, all so colourful, the women in particular looking so beautiful - I had total sari envy, I now look at them in a totally different way. 

I am also in love with Indian weddings.  What a beautiful couple of days I have had, first Santhosh's grooms day, then the reception yesterday evening in Sparsha's home town, followed by the wedding today.  And not a measly 15 minute or hour ceremony, it went for the best part of today.  We stayed last night at the divine golf club in the little town following the reception, and then the most of the day at the ceremony.  It was just wonderful, I will now take every opportunity to attend Indian weddings, so please if you are having one - invite me!  I now have a growing sari collection, and waistline following the wonderful food at the wedding and reception, and also too many of the sweets that were at the wedding from Santhosh's sweet store, Khova in Mysore. 

Anyway I wish Santhosh and Sparsha all the happiness and a lovely future together.  I am so blessed to have been invited to their wedding, and sharing this lovely occasion with my friend and his bride, and around a 1000 others. 

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