Sunday, April 5, 2009

Full Practice tomorrow

Well looks like I will finally get to go past kurmasana - led on Sunday - 4.30am. I asked Saraswati if it was ok and she said "You try!" - well try I will though as I haven't done Garba Pindasana etc. for a month, it might be a tall ask. We'll see what happens - will let you know.

So many people are or have left - looks like everyone will be starting Mysore classes at 4.30am this week - I only have Monday and Tuesday to go before I board my train for the epic trip to Ahmedabad on Tuesday. I am actually looking forward to going (as previously mentioned), all except for saying good-bye to the kids and staff at Bapaji. Have organised 50 ice-creams for Monday afternoon - it has really heated up here so that I hope will be a nice treat. 3 little girls (babies) have been adopted this week, but still had my little fella to play with - he is so cute and I will really miss him. Hopefully they will let me take some pictures - we'll see what happens there.

Had a quietish day today - had another coconut head massage, and as my lower back was a bit sore I had a back massage. Both really nice and very cheap. My feet look like crap again - so dirty today even post pedicure. I am also covered in mozzie bites - about 30 on my feet and lots on the back of my neck - very uncomfortable, particularly in this heat. Even slept with the fan on last night - but I hear it is very hot in Gujarat so better get used to it.

My mate Gigi left unfortunately - she was a riot, and walked the same pace as me! She also likes coffee and chocolate cake, and we spent lots of time in the short while we knew each other in Cubs - amusing the patrons with our antic (particularly hers) and scoffing one of the best cakes ever. My friend Santosh from Cubs is also away - so really only Elizabeth left to hang out with. But will be on my own as of Tuesday evening - new adventures, maybe new friends.

So much I could say but am tired, and really how much of this can you be bothered reading. Over and out from Mysore.

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