Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Namaste my Beautiful India

It's nearly over - a few more hours - and what a better place to spend them and leave from than crazy Ahmedabad (Amdavad). Leaving Bhuj was sad as I love it. Went to my favorite chai stand in India and Bhuj at 6.00am this morning - the bazaar was empty - just 2 people in the chai stand, and one of them I knew. Our conversation was brief, my Gujarati is non existent, and Jay's English limited - though when I met him he said he had a friend in Brunswick - and did I know where it was? He is a young jeweller - he, his parents and sister run a little silver (Chandi) shop - in fact they are all silversmiths - and a delightful family - again I have photos.

Train trip was uncomfortable - again sleeper class - 7 hours sitting on a rock almost, with about 15 sets of eyes glued on me - all creepy blokes. Was glad to get off - gave them some stick about pushing too.

My next few hours will be spent on trying to find an Ahmedabad Rockets t-shirt for Rob, though I doubt they exist. It is a funny, or should I say unfortunate choice of name for the state cricket team as Ahmedabad is not without many recent bombings etc.

Well a short post this will be - the chair is uncomfortable and very low - my back is aching from both this and lugging an almighty pack filled with half of India.

Dubai is calling, but my heart belongs to India.
But - "I'll be back" - will start saving Monday!

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