Monday, April 6, 2009

That's nearly all folks!

What a weekend and Monday it's been. Tuesday evening I'm out of here, so lots going on, well as much as you can do with a crook guts. I think I may have got a bit dehydrated, and then the slightest thing can set off your belly, particularly here. After a food frenzy on Saturday, I started off Sunday with fruit only - and there began my downfall. Post breakfast I began to feel very bloated - I think it all started to ferment inside. Then all day Sunday I could barely get off the bed. Dragged my sorry ass (yes it was) up before "conference" - which was just chanting - it somewhat resembled the mumbling of the rosary as no one had the words and we just had to repeat/follow after Saraswati. Thankfully it was over soon as I could barely hold myself up. But I then decided to go to the orphanage for an hour to see the kids. It as always was fun and actually made me feel a little better. Then back to bed at about 8.00pm, so I didn't see much of the day.

Practice Sunday, was not too bad - it was thankfully pre feeling vile, though did have a pre loose BM (us ashtangis love talking about our toileting). I got to do full primary which was so nice and I was amazed I could still do it and even did a bit of a faux kukatasana (spelling?)given this has been hard for me - could bring both hands down but not lift my ass off the mat. Did all the rest - felt like I was gonna die at the end though. Monday Mysore - did all of primary although I felt like stopping at Supta Kurmasana - no energy due to Sunday shits and lack of food intake. Actually contemplated skipping practice all together but then I thought if I can practice with a big hole in my hand - post dog bite 2007, then I can do this. I did however pass up on drop backs as backbends put a bit of a strain on my guts and didn't want to embarrass myself in more than one way. Might give it a go - last practice tomorrow. Did finishing in the change rooms - again was not sure what belly and butt might do so took it easy in there. Went home and died!

Dragged my ass off the bed again and went and caught up with some people from breakfast at Santosha - had some toast and espresso, nothing else, then off to Tina's for some Spirulina and a chat. Dragged myself back up the hill - lots of dragging going on I can assure you - then fell into bed again. Phone rang - my friend Santosh organising lunch at his parents place - his mum wanted to make dal for me. So lunch was on for 2pm - though I really felt like starving myself for the day. It is really hot here and not feeling to good - I have been sweating up a storm, and eating makes me feel worse at the moment. But as I am leaving tomorrow I was hesitant to pass up the offer, and I am glad I didn't. We met at Cubs, he was just back at 4am from Bangkok, so was pretty tired himself. So we drove over to the other side of town - nice to be in an AC car, with someone who knows how to drive both ways (well he has a NSW drivers licence). It was very amusing - I didn't realise they have a whole steering wheel with horn sensitivity (if you've been in India you know how important the horn is). His mum had a really nice red sari on - she is a very attractive lady, and she made me feel welcome right away. And her food - it was to die for - and she made my favorite dessert - Kheer - without even knowing - we have the same birthday so it's our connection. She also made a tomato curry with Ragi dosas, a Hyderabadi rice dish - she's from Hyderabad - and a palak Dal (Spinach Dal), and a bean dish - it was delicious, though I was scarred about my belly. However it was the least of my worries as I noticed a bit of tooth had chipped off (when I have no idea - probably fell off from all the Limca I have been drinking cos of this belly). Anyway hopefully Santosh can fix me up with an appointment with his dentist, as I don't want to get home with a rotten tooth - not to mention it is heaps cheaper - might even see if I can get the amalgam fillings replaced (all tomorrow - we'll see). The dentist apparently is from Delhi - might get him to quote me on implants too - otherwise there is this woman someone else recommended near by. Anyway felt fantastic after lunch, best I have felt in days, and his mum invited me back again, and also gave me a Ganesha - bless!!

Tomorrow prior to the choo choo I have to go and bid my fond farewells to the kids and staff at Bapaji. Bought them ice-creams today - 50 all up - have photos of us all eating them, and lots of others. It is going to be very sad to say goodbye but I hope to definitely come back and do some full time volunteer work there at some stage. Don't know if I will do the main shala again, we'll see what happens, but Bapaji - definitely.

Well a big day of goodbyes tomorrow - it will be really sad. Travels and adventures await, but I am also looking forward to coming home - so I can save up and do it all again!!!!! Well nearly all - Babaji definitely!

(Next post - maybe not for a few days til up north - or tomorrow if I have time)

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