Friday, April 10, 2009

Real India

My last day in Mysore was busy, but slow! Slow as I was feeling a little depleted - Monday's delicious lunch passed through me like a Bombay train after causing an eruption in my belly - in the wee hours of the morning. When the alarm went off for practice at 4.45am I again contemplated skipping practice, but given it was my last one I threw some water over myself, dressed and headed off down the road. The shala was again on the empty side - it is really a case of pick your spot - where ever you want. It was hard - practice that is - I was pretty light on. However what a difference little eating does - the marichi binds were easy peasy, Saraswati even nearly getting my bind in supta kurmasana. Garba pindasana - arms through easy - and nearly up for kukkatasana - hands on the floor - but right one is still spazzo. The rest - same - same - did full finishing today (no hiding in the change room) with nothing in me I wasn't really worried. Then it was all over - my month up (actually have one day but train booked for Tuesday). The clock said 7.40am (shala time) really 7.25am - had a breakfast date with Elizabeth at 8.00am - at Tina's. No coconut - no cake - thought of it made me want to spew. Couldn't even bring myself to get one for the train trip. Got home - more water throwing, clothes washing - and off to breakfast - well liquid again - Spirulina, lime and mint X 2. Did a few other bits and pieces, then decided to head off to the city to pick up some bangles from Santosh's dad. But given my lack of energy, we decided to go for coffee first, Elizabeth suggesting we take a rickshaw given my condition - a realn weakling! After downing 2 coffees, and some dry toast, bidding my fond farewells to the staff and to Santosh, we headed to town - feeling a million bucks. After getting my bangles, it was time to get serious and finish packing, pick up my stuff from the tailor (Lokesh - also sick like me), visit the shala, the children's home and get to the station by 6.00pm - all accomplished, though I must say, now several kilos lighter.

Train trip to Ahmedabad was OK - though had a moment where I felt very claustrophobic in my little bunk, combo of air con too cold, people farting, starvation, and waking from a dream. Had to do a little self talk and some deep breathing, then back up top to the bunk, til morning. Had issues with my seat so sat with a young guy who was an engineer and worked for the railways - they are the biggest employer in India - I think he said 10 - or maybe 100 lakh (look that one up) workers, with the army the nation's 2nd biggest employer. Also hung out with 3 kids who spoke very little English but were fun (and their parents), everyone trying to feed me, even the staff commenting on my lack of food intake. Arrived in Ahmedabad, quick rickshaw transition to the bus ticket place, then the bus and off to Udaipur, lucky to get a seat next to a young college student from Udaipur, returning to the city after 1st year of study in Pune. He was good value - pretty groovy, progressive, middle class intelligent guy, with impeccable English. Arrived Udaipur around 2pm Thursday - went to my beautiful hotel - Mewar Haveli - then had my first real non Indian shower in 5 weeks - heaven. Off for food, then shopping, then dinner - now off to the roof terrace to have a beer - then bed. Can't wait to lay my head down again - in a real bed - not a bunk or a seat. And no practice today - moon day - oh and happy Easter everyone - it's Hannuman's birthday today - good to have none of those boring capitalistic christian holidays here. Think I might cme back before Christmas - given my love of that occasion. Anyway Namaste - enjoy your eggs!

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