Thursday, April 2, 2009

Only a few to go

Well as previously mentioned the shala is well and truly clearing out. It is now easy to get everything - no lining up for a coconut post practice, and with fewer students no waiting for assistance or an adjustment - well wrong on the last one, and this morning was no exception. Travelled along fine in my practice, though left foot/ankle is bothering me - it was before I left, but I decided a few minutes a day in Marichiasana B & D would not render me disabled. But coupled with wearing thongs all day every day, and the uneven walking surfaces, and the fact I walk almost everywhere (haven't walked into town - Mysore city yet - might give it a go this weekend)it means the foot gets little rest. Anyway there is always something physically to contend with particularly as this yoga body gets older. Knee is also sore - same reason I suspect. None of this is stopping me doing anything I might add, and I look like I will never get past kurmasana this trip - but soon I hope, though with no help here I am sure. It goes like this - I did Kurmasana - waiting for adjustment (as told to do by Saraswati), nothing, so jump back, look do it again - no Saraswati. So as not to get told off I sat on my mat to wait - out of the corner of my eye I see her at the desk in the office, obviously busy - or so I think. I am waiting, others waiting for the same and drop backs. Then flick, I see the page of the newspaper flick past, she is deep in the paper, glasses on. Anyway I think to hell with it - decide that's I'm not doing it, not waiting - am getting cold (well cooling anyway and am bathed in sweat), so I start doing backbends etc. - head to the back for finishing - I hear "you do kurmasana" - I say - "yes several times - not catching - waited and waited, so did backbends". So she makes me do it again (better than the other day when I did it before headstand - that's why I wait), no touch today - obviously no bind. Yesterday touch - so as they say to touch is to bind, but no next pose - can't be bothered asking!
Am looking forward to practicing on the road to see if I can still do full primary.

Orphanage news - the little princess - for reasons of anonymity we'll call her Cha Cha, well she was being picked up for adoption today. I saw her new parents last night - they looked very happy - and why wouldn't they be with the little doll they are about to share. She is a little princess, though albeit a demanding one. And my favorite little girl is going tomorrow so I will go and say goodbye this afternoon. Both are around 3 - 4 months old. The little boy - he is so funny - well he will still be there which is great - well for me at least, not for him, and 3 other baby girls. They are great kids and I know I keep saying it but it is a great place. I have been hanging out a bit with the older kids - 4 and 5, they are a riot. I told them (the stff) I am leaving next week, and they asked me when I was coming back - I have a great time there with the ladies (the carers) - they are probably about my age, they even have tattoos on their fore arms too, though they are particularly impressed with color, and they love the lotus. Anyway we have a great time - they chat to me in Kannada and I back in English, we laugh, they give me jobs and directives, I understand somehow. I think I will miss this place more than the practice at the shala - sad but true. Two shifts to go but might spend part of Saturday there if I am allowed and hang out with the kids. I love that place so much. Hope to do a fundraiser when I get home - start putting aside your coins!

Well off for a pedicure now, had a big sleep post practice this morning, and then to the orphanage, before I eat cake at a birthday party at 5pm.


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