Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hanoi - Hoi An, an amazing Race moment!

We left Hanoi at 5am, after waking at 4, arriving nice and early at the airport. Lucky lucky as our flight had been re-scheduled and we were now scheduled to leave at 5.30pm - ahhhhhh!!! However as we were there early I went immediately to the Vietnamese Airline counter to see if there was a possibility of getting on an early flight to Danang. We were told that all flights were full but to wait 5 minutes and they would see if there were any no shows on the 6.45am flight. So lucky we were but I needed to pay there and then in cash, needed everyones passports, but thankfully a trip to the bank the previous evening ensured I had millions of Dong, and could pay up quick (I was told to hurry!!) - there was lots of running around and getting passports, money, lots of chaos, and getting on the plane, through security - all in a few minutes - but we did it.
We arrived in Hoi an not knowing if our pick up would eventuate, but everything fell into place, and we were soon whisked away to Hoi An.
Upon arrival at our hotel, we were taken to the restaurant for breakfast - OMG - everything you could want and more!!! We are all going to be sooooooooooooo fat when we leave this hotel. And the rooms, DIVINE, all for US $50 per night - though Rob is complaining that it's not as good as the Dubbo motel for AUD $65! (that was vile!)
We are all in heaven - and there are shops everywhere - double heaven, though shame about all the Christmas cheers and carols, though it is sooo nice I may even be nice for Christmas this year - and also go to the spa for some pampering. Better go - shops are calling!

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