Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hi to Uncle - Last Day Hanoi

Arriving early this morning by train from Lo Cai, we headed back to the hotel where we waited about to go and see Ho Chi Min's Mausoleum, opening at 8.00am. Given we arrived in town at 4.45am, we had a bit of time to kill and no where to have breakfast. We watched stupid Virginia Trioli verbally box a few people on ABC early morning TV, before finally being able to get out of the hotel to walk to see the man.
It was a big walk through and around the military/defence zone, before finally arriving. We were third in line for the somber pomp of viewing Uncle Ho (as he is affectionately known). Upon entering the tomb with a uniformed military guard in front, there he was - lying serenely - albeit a little white, but otherwise looking good. It was totally worth doing, though one couldn't say they'd enjoyed it!
But it was post Ho that we were all looking forward to, breakfast then proper check in and shower. Breakfast was divine - a lovely eatery called Five, great coffee, great food!
The rest of the day was spent collecting my new prescription sunnies, and shopping, before drinks at Mao's again - Long island Iced teas on special today (35 Dong or $2 AUD). Dinner was local - Tandoor - for yummy Dhal, rice and veg dishes - to the sounds of disco Christmas tunes - how multicultural!!
Now I'm tired, tired, tired - have to be up at 4am for the next leg - to Danang and Hoi An - so enjoy Christmas eve! Maybe I'll get in a practice then.

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