Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sapa - Coc Ly - Lo Cai

Another action packed day, after a very amusing afternoon and evening in Sapa. We ended up being the toast of the Black H'mong ladies, particularly Rob, as he really played a game with them, so they tried even harder to sell to him. Needless to say, on a cold evening they were all lined up outside the restaurant we went to just waiting to sell us more stuff. It was hilarious, and an even bigger game by this time. As it was so freezing outside as well as our hotel, we chose a nice warm pizza restaurant with nice cold beers, where many were downed.

Still not a yoga practice to be had, today I managed a few stretches whilst waiting for a boat, it is way too cold and with no heating and my mat in Hanoi, it can wait til tomorrow.

We left Sapa early bound for Coc Ly market, about 2 hours away, a Tuesday market frequented by Flower H'mong. It was very colorful, lots of snaps to be had, and a few purchases as well. The boat trip followed down a river for about 1.5 hours, where we were lucky to visit a Flower H'mong village, where our boat driver was from. It was great - again really colorful, very tribal, just as I like! On the way back we spied over into China from the border crossing, and saw a temple dance ceremony in action right near by.
Now we are back in Lo Cai waiting for the night train back to Hanoi minus the Baileys! I am really enjoying Vietnam, the north is wonderful, hope the rest maintains my enthusiasm. Anyway better get back to my Tiger - beer that is!

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