Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thrice as much fun..............

Well today someone actually threw "thrice", my favourite Indian-English word, into conversation.  I had a massage and was covered in oil - particularly my hair, anyway Lekhan the massage guy said to wash my hair twice or thrice!!  The word was also recently widely used in the promotional tag line of a Bollywood blockbuster trilogy, Goomaal, (or some such name), "Thrice as much fun this Diwali". anyway small things amuse small minds I guess.  Oh and I had my first western hot shower today after the massage - I think it made me all dopey and tired, so am back to the bucket again now thank the gods!

Today was rest day and rest I did, beginning with an hour and a half massage, which after I just went home and to bed.  I got up again at about 2.30pm and the ladies downstairs gave me some of their lunch cook up - tomato rice, raita, followed by yummy scrummy gulab jamon.  Carryn and I then walked into town to look at books and eat ice-cream.  I bought a book about Indian Gods and Goddesses, and a few other bits and pieces and organised another pair of reading glasses to be made.  And had pineapple and mango ice-cream

My final week of practice begins tomorrow with back bending class, but looks like I will miss a class later this week due to the wedding.  Anna and I are quite excited about the wedding, though the details of how we get there, where we stay etc. are a mystery, though I am sure all will work out.  Monday evening we have our sari fitting at Badsha, and then we will have to get some bangles and bling, can't wait.  Oh and I picked up the dress my wonderful tailor Lokesh was copying for me - it looks totally amazing, he's done such a great job and it only cost Rs 450, as opposed to the original price of the dress - AUD $460 (though I didn't pay that).   I will wear it to the reception next Sunday.  Also had some wonderful daal last night and the best butter naan ever - with sesame seeds!  So one week to do and eat all the things I need to, before coming back to earth, well Australia.  At least someone has said thrice!

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