Thursday, November 25, 2010

And so begin the goodbyes

One of the things with being here in Mysore in the yoga community is that you meet so many people.  Most are merely just acquaintances, hellos at breakfast, chats at lunch, smiles here and there, but a few you know you will keep in contact with, some you know or  hope you will meet again.

Today I had my first goodbye, one of my housemates, and although he had only been there for a just less than 2 weeks, we became quite good friends.  And he is an amazing person, the likes of whom I don't think I have met before.  He is living yoga, a fantastic and interesting soul.  Anyway that makes saying goodbye sad, though I am sure we will meet again.  But with time drawing to a close for me and a few others, it just means more goodbyes.  A yoga exercise or lesson in impermanence I guess. 

On a brighter note my back has not yet been broken, I was fearing yesterday with the marichiasana C adjustment that it was only moments away, till I remembered my voice - enough!  So that has brought on some back strengthening exercises, and a bit of a lecture too.  No other major news practice wise, still enjoying it, though not tomorrows vinyasa class me thinks!  YUK.  I might have to reward myself with a massage in the next day or two.

Days are still full of shopping, chai, more chai and shopping, eating lunch at Sandhya's, visiting the tailors, more self indulgent activities, and tomorrow sari shopping.  And I know the choice will be overwhelming to say the least.  The wedding is next week, I have the invite, still not sure how I am getting there yet, maybe with Santhosh's Iranian friend who I know.  Oh and Anna is coming too so I will have a friend - the two of us gussied up in saris, most likely melting, hair a frizz!  What fun, I am just looking forward to finding a sari and hoping I don't look too ridiculous.

Well the next few days brings more goodbyes from my house, Carryn from Sth Africa is moving on to some yoga in Goa, Medha, Prabaka and their baby are going back to China.  A new guy moved in today taking Francisco's room, that leaves him, Ismail from Spain and I, til the next yoga students hit town and the cycle begins again. Bye for now.

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