Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to choose a sari?

Today was sari shopping day.  After practice and breakfast I took a quick stroll to the government silk factory to check out the Mysore silk saris, however short of mortgaging the house, and given nothing really knocked me out for the price, it was a rickshaw straight to Badsha's on Deveraja Urs road via Coffee Day to fuel the sari shopping frenzy and to meet up with Anna.

The usual friendly greeting from all staff occurred at Badsha's, and so it should given I have spent part of every trip in that store buying beautiful fabric, kurtas and dragging half of the new arrivals to town with me. My man, Illias was eventually on hand - I think he knows my taste better than me, and is certainly not backward in telling me if he thinks something doesn't suit me.  Anna was a little more decisive and soon had shortlisted a few.  I on the other hand had the biggest mound of rejects, and also a large pile of potentials, each one of the shortlisted potentials so beautiful I could have bought them all.  Despite this I am still convinced I will look hideous, but when in Rome, one must wear a sari to a wedding!  I showed Illias a picture of the only white woman I have ever seen look good in a sari (Ashley Judd - google it she looks beautiful), anyway he thought it was me - so he gets double points, smooth selling guy - he's a darl.  Nevertheless many photos were taken, chai was downed, and then I had to buckle down to a decision.  I finally made my choice, and then promptly changed my mind, going for a very traditional "Indian" look apparently, actually it was my first like, then I changed colour directions, same sari style different colours and design, but then went back to the gold and pinky red with a gold and purple border, from a shot blue and pink one.  I think the selling point was the mango/paisley design - it is a really pretty sari - I hope I can do it justice.  The tailor came and measured us for the under garments, I asked if I could have the blouse to my waist, receiving much poo hooing from the boys in the shop, but they don't understand we don't show our bellies, and particularly post 40, their women not showing shoulders and legs at any age.  Oh well white flab will be on show for sure now, unless of course I down a glass and a half of local water in the next day or so almost ensuring illness and subsequent weight loss!

Practice today was vinyasa class - not my favorite - it is hard, but necessary for lazy old me.  I much prefer back bending class, but tomorrow is Mysore style practice, Saturday rest day (yay), and Sunday back breaking, I mean bending class.  Then one practice week to go, though will probably miss a class on the Friday for the wedding - it will probably take half the day to get wrapped up in my sari.  Bring it on! 

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