Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OK - the yoga.........

Today was my third class with Ajay and so far so good though my body is a little weary most likely caused by an inconsistent practice regime over the past few weeks whilst I have been on the road. Anyway nothing a good massage will not overcome not to mention a week of getting used to it.

I must admit I am covered in a multitude of bruises, from what I have no idea. I am struggling a little with the very thin mat I brought with me, I swear (actually I feel like swearing) Garba Pindasana I feel every vertebrae crunch beneath me, and there are a few other uncomfortable poses, but hell it will toughen me up a bit.

There are a few different poses - 3 or so, and a different variation here and there but all in all I have worked it all out. I do fear that after Sunday's backbending classes, drop backs will begin to be the order of the day, and from what I have seen he has a few good techniques to teach students to confidently nail dropbacks - so stay tuned, hopefully I come home with all my teeth etc.

Adjustments are a little more brutal than I am used to but I also have no hesitation in saying enough! Despite him saying he would not touch me for a few days, that has not occurred, but so far so good. There is also no hiding in this room with only 12 - 14 students, so he is on to you though I have not had any issues, but I have yet to have a "lazy" practice. I'd love to try the one sun salutation - that is enough routine, though I wouldn't!

Tomorrow is vinyasa class - whatever that is, then back to Mysore style Friday and Sunday mornings, with backbending class Sunday arvo, which I am a little scared of, but I will go with the flow. This morning I had to do extra backbends with blocks against the wall - chin and chest against the wall - no wonder my shoulders and chest are sore.

This afternoon, the guy who runs the cafe, Deepak, invited us to a puja for his wife and soon to be born first baby. The food was divine and it was a lovely occasion.

I am really loving Laksmipuram and the people in my class and those who I have met over breakfast etc. seem really nice. So far so good, though looking forward to Saturday for a sleep in!

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