Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yoga, food, the bone setter, and cockroaches!

Ok I have found food heaven.  Well I must admit I haven't starved at all since arriving in India and have had some very memorable meals - the seafood in Goa was to die for, and of course my favourite - daal, rice and garlic naan in various locations, dosas here in Mysore, and the fruit - yummy!  I was a little sad that Tina was no longer doing breakfast, well she's taking a break, as her breakfasts are worth coming to India for alone. However I seem to have found a replacement in the event I need a reason to come - lunch at Sandhyas - the house I am living in.  Today I finally had an opportunity to have lunch there after running around for most days this week.  And help me - this food is too good, too fresh, too tasty and too wholesome.  Thank god she has put out a cook book, which I will be purchasing with the hope of replicating some of the dishes upon my return home.  And speaking of cooking and recipes, I may also do a class with the man who makes the best cake in the world, another good reason to come to Mysore.  Seriously, look back at my previous postings from last year and  you will see I similarly gushed about this divine carrot cake.  I was disappointed that I was not at the Shala in Gokulam, as he sells it outside every morning, and not here in Laxshmipuram.  However he lives here in Laxshmipuram and I today I went to his house, and tonight returned there to buy some freshly cooked cakes.  Between his house and the internet place I had to seriously control myself, so I only ate half a cake, with another 1.5 cakes in the bag for later!  And a class has been organised with him for a Friday afternoon over the next few weeks.  Yesterday Ajay was saying in vinyasa class that the butt was the heaviest part of the body (I thought it was the head), and with me that is true, and now it looks like getting even heavier!

Today I visited the bone setter - a manipulator/massage guy and it was brutal but good.  He covered me in about a litre of rather stinky ayurvedic oil and massaged the crap out of me after giving me a good bone cracking. One minute I wanted to scream in pain - my muscles being pulverised between his huge strong hands, and on the other hand I let out a few big laughs when he kind of slapped me at the end of some  massage stokes.  It was hilarious. Here I was lying on the floor of a little cubicle (his office) with this huge Muslim wrestler wringing my body out.  I was completely covered in this browny red oil, hair and all, and as I walked through the city I got some pretty weird look, oh well.  The good thing is my body feels wonderful, and I will go back next week for another session.  And a whole hour is only Rs800 - that's less than $20 - and most osteos in Melbourne will charge around AUD $70  for half an hour if you are lucky.

Let's hope tonight I have no night time visitors - the past 2 nights I have been visited by a rather large cockroach on each of the evenings.  Needless to say I have done in my karma as I crushed two of the hideous little creatures.  The worst was two nights ago when it was IN my mosquito net, though last nights charged at me - vile thing.  I know in my mind they will not hurt me but they are dirty, creepy creatures. 

The mornings are lovely walking to the shala at around 5.05am.  It is so quiet - about the only time India is!  Oh and on the way to yoga this morning I saw a rat the size of a cat - lovely!

Well off to bed soon, hopefully without visitors.  I am so looking forward to a sleep in, and a real coffee tomorrow!


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