Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So much to tell, so little time

Hard to believe but I am time pressed, oh the life of a travelling yoga princess, recently renamed, Paulette la France! Yes my very amusing travel companion Fernando (not his real name...try Christopher) gave me my alias as we travelled about dodging torential downpours in Goa, amazingly close lightening strikes, and muddy accidents (that me). We navigated Panaji and Old Goa, as well as visiting a spice farm and several bars to experience the local bar scene - akin to being in a gay bar in Melbourne - men and loud dance music, all very hilarious. I laughed so much in Goa, ate so much in Goa, and downed my fair share of Kingfisher's and G&Ts, the latter to ward off any chance of malaria of course.

Moving on from Goa was interesting to say the least. I came to my senses in the middle of the night in Panaji, originally I was going to take 2 local buses, too tight to fork out the Rs 2500 they were asking for a taxi for the 110km journey, until I realise that I would spend that easily on a night out in Melbourne, and that being only the cab fare across the Yarra in Melbourne town! On arriving in Londa, and seeing the 2km walk I would have had with my shopping laden bags, it was worth it's price just for that. Then I had to sit at the station in the no horse god forsaken hole for my train - 2 hours complete with people taking photos of me and hugging me, someone trying to sell me a hot phone, and also being told there was no train to Mysore.

Well the train came, and I arrived in Mysore the very next morning (Sunday). My friend, soon to be the groom at the wedding I am attending, Santhosh picked me up from the train station and whisked me to Coffee Day for a quick and early latte - bless. He also had organised me a hotel and had another guy drive me around all day registering for yoga and other such stuff. So all in all a lot was accomplished on Sunday - Diwali in Mysore, another for me, as it was in Goa on Friday evening!

Anyway I have now done my second day of yoga with Ajay Kumar, which has been fantastic, I can already see I may learn a lot, and be scared too! I am living in a wonderful house with an amazing lady - Sandyhas house close yoga in Lakshmipuram. The house is 90 years old and she is a famous cook to the many yoga students who pass through Mysore. I really love the house including the woodheated water for the Indian shower, it is all really wonderful.

Today I have caught up with old friends here in Gokulam, including the children and workers at Babuji the children's home where I volunteered last year. They are no longer taking volunteers but they may let me volunteer as I have been there before and there were no "issues". I will find out over the next few days - fingers crossed, but needless to say it was delightful seeing old friends!

I will write more about my yoga and experiences over the next few days - there is so much to tell, so much is going on, and India is as wonderful and infuriating as ever. Namaste!

(ps - I have run out of time to proof read so please excuse any spelling errors etc. - how slack of me. xx)

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