Monday, November 22, 2010


Today is full moon, and yesterday was rest day so it was nice to have two days off practice, particularly for an old Ashtangi like me!  Friday I again went to the bone setter which was great but again a little painful - that guy is strong.  I certainly hope my back is back in -  he cracked it and many other bones in my body, well not literally, but only practice tomorrow will tell if  it's better, but being just a little out it has made my hamstring sore and a few of the twists, particularly with the fondness for adjustments here have meant a bit of pain.  Anyway all in all my body is feeling ok so hopefully the next two weeks will be cruisy too.

The weekend off has given us time to just hang out, I've watched a few movies with my housemates, done some sightseeing, and today went on a trip out of town to a waterfall and a temple, both which were great.  The road there on the other hand was not and I am still feeling a bit of motion sickness.  I am debating in my mind weather I should go and have some daal, or stay hungry, though I hate waking for practice starving!  And although I am soooo tired, I better fill in some time before bed.  That sounds sorted - daal it is.

Two weeks to go - how quickly it has gone.  I am really enjoying the vibe in Lakshmipuram and Krishnamurtypuram, my current neighbourhoods.  Life is more layed back here than Gokulam, though I have been over there a bit, especially since Anna, one of the fellow Melbourne girls arrived! I think tomorrow I will chill on this side after practice though.  I need to watch Sandhya cook too so that I can master this.  I did the cake class on Friday with Prabaka, so now have the famous Mysore carrot cake to add to my repertoire.  Why is all this food so yummy, so much for coming home thin and gorgeous!

Well talking of food, my daal awaits, so best I go and enjoy what's left of full moon day.

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