Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's so exhausting doing nothing

The past two days after practice, I have replenished my body and then napped til lunch.  I feel so lazy and at the same time I wonder how I go to practice, go to work, go home cook etc. every day without a nap.  But I guess besides the practice itself, which don't get me wrong, has been hard in a number of ways, there are all the other extra-curricular activities such as shopping, socialising, reading, eating, and a number of others which require quite a bit of energy and output!  So I suppose that's why I am exhausted.

My lower back has also been a bit sore, a few strong adjustments in a few of the twists have twinged a previous lower back niggle.  Hopefully the bone setter can sort that out this Friday when I make a return appearance to slide around on the floor covered in oil as I am pulverised by the wrestling big boy - sounds positively wrong when I put it like that, trust me it's all above board - I'll try and take photos between pursing my lips and swearing on the inside, just to prove it.  Anyway back to practice - Ajay has me doing more drop back preparations against the wall, and a few other torture exercises under the guise of preparation and asana!  But besides the back I am feeling good, regardless of what I may say about being exhausted.  Many people are doing 2 classes a day which makes me tired at the though - but most of them are under 25 - so they have plenty of energy to burn!  My skin feels amazing too, all the sweating and heat, and all the great food I am eating.

As for other activities I was hanging out yesterday afternoon after lunch in Badsha's new silk shop, admiring the saris with a family shopping for some wedding attire - oh it was fun.  I definitely have some ideas for a sari for the wedding I am going to attend, and am shocked at the potential cost of my favourite ones..  I've also been watching Bollywood films with my house mates Karen and Francisco.  They are two great people, so much fun, both very different, and it's been nice hanging with them.  It rained a lot around lunch time today, and then Francisco and I walk around the city and back, shopping, chatting and getting very muddy, so see this is why I am exhausted. 

Best I go home now and rest for I'm up at 4.30am for practice, then the day is mine to do nothing and be exhausted!

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