Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clearing out

Everyone is leaving town - well over the next couple of days. Yesterday was that last class Sharath was teaching before his world tour - we will see him in Australia later in the year. It was led practice - the Shala was full - my practice was OK - same old - same old - wont bore you, though as I have a cold it was a little laboured. However as my chest has got worse - particularly today, I suspect tomorrows led practice will be a slog. Oh well that's what it's all about - got to take the good with the bad.

The kids home was fun yesterday - I have decided that other than the practice, this is the best thing about Mysore. I really like going there - although I wish I spoke Kanada so that I could communicate more with everyone. If I am feeling better by Monday I may even see if I can do nearly every day before I leave on the 7th. It is just fun, and you get used to the children, and they you. If I get to come back to Mysore I will definitely be volunteering there again. I also hope to send and organise some on going donations to the home as I think they do an fantastic job. Some people think it's depressing, but they don't see past the bricks and mortar, it has a really nice vibe and the kids seem well looked after and they receive really nice care from the staff. They are not walking round in Bonds or OhKosh but who cares. I would very much encourage anyone who is coming to Mysore to give some time - it's good for the kids and it's good for your soul.

On the other things good for your soul, I went out to dinner last night with another yogini, from Sydney (though originally a Melbourne chick). Cynthia is a real laugh and we had a lovely night - went to a really nice hotel and ate in the courtyard. Food was OK but company was great. We even got frocked up a bit as yesterday was Hindu New year - called Ugadi in the South. I asked Jyothi, my house mum what you do for Ugadi, and she said that you buy new clothes - so any excuse - though they were pretty cheap - Rs249 for each kurta. Only wore one to dinner though. It was nice to put the glad rags on.

Things good for your soul number 3 - went shopping today - actually took a friend to Badsha's - they have great fabric - best in Mysore. Anyway it's always fun and they know me in that store from last time. So far I think I have bought 20+ people to their shop - I think they, and my tailor, should give me commission. In fact the other night I was having a good old chat to Lokesh and Suka (tailor and his wife) and someone came in (a very annoying person - origin - I'll let you guess), anyway after we got past (spoken very slowly) "Do you speak English" (to Lokesh), which I answered as slowly "Better than me" (did she think I was sitting there staring at them), Lokesh handed me a dress he was making and got me to thread elastic (lots of students are leaving and lots of orders to finish). So they think I should bring my sewing machine next time and set up there. Between the orphanage, the tailor, and the fabric store, not to mention yoga - I have got all my time covered - next trip at least.

As tomorrow's practice is 4.30am - Sunday led - I am heading off for a quick bite now and then an early night. Last night there was a huge storm - we have been waiting for it - in fact I have been buying mango's - to die for - and all the Indian's keep saying not to buy them til after the first big rain - well it's been so now I will eat up big while I am down here. Glad I have been eating them the last few days though - anything that will get rid of this cold. Well off to cough out my lungs, and have a bite.

Om shanti

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