Friday, March 13, 2009

What's cooking?

Had a quiet day today - just noticed the blog is one day out of sinc due to the time setting and the time I post. Today is Friday here - 13/3 - and it was my first led practice - always a challenge, but it was fun. No great revelations, only thing I really have noticed that all the work I have done on headstand has paid off - and I guess generally with my practice as a whole - I feel much stronger than last time I was here - but that is many practices ago now.
Everyone is a buzz with planning activities - day trips etc. but as I have done many I am just chillin' out, reading, sleeping, eating - in essence having a holiday. Initially I feel like I am being lazy but have to remind myself it's OK - and I'm loving it. Next week however I have organised a few things - cooking classes - one next week, and then the following week, lots of yummy things to cook upon my return for people nice enough to send me an email or two (so far very small dinner party). I also went again to the orphanage and I am going to do 3 shifts a week commencing Monday. Other than that my focus is practice - and am loving it, though I may not think that at 4.30am Sunday morning - next led practice. Til then - namaste.

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