Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day of Rest

After a big week - no moondays - it was nice to rest a bit later this morning, particularly after a night out last evening. What started as a morning coffee with a fellow yogi, ended up as a shopping and eating adventure round town. Nikki from the UK, but has lived in Melbourne, proved to be great fun. After a few hours of shopping and chatting, we decided to meet for dinner. We walked to the Green Hotel, as she wanted to check it out for a potential place to stay, with her boyfriend arriving early next week. So we walked up there via a few other places, and arrived for dinner about 7.00pm. Mind you this is nearly bed time most nights. Anyway we settled in and decided to have a beer. We ordered a large bottle of Kingfisher to share, which turned into 3, and us into giggling messes. Amazing after 2 weeks of alcohol abstinence, all it takes is a couple of beers. We also ate a huge feast - dal, curries, rice, naan - no binds next practice after all of this. We had quite a fun night, retreating later for chocolate cake at Cubs, and more giggling. Home at 10.15pm - the latest night I have had since leaving home. I think Jyothi and the family were in shock, me being the old lady of the house (student that is) and home so late.

With no practice this morning, we decided to embark on a walk up Chamundi Hill (more like hike). Actually the incompetent fool of a rickshaw driver took us half way, not to the bottom as I requested. He then tried to extort a small fortune out of us, much to our protests and refusal. We won!! Well actually if he had dropped us at the bottom as I asked, we would have, but it cost us an extra Rs 40 -50 for the half way point. Anyway again I think we were winners, as it was a hot steep climb, the decent to the bottom being more than enough for our legs.

I went home for a nap - tired, and now very used to that mid morning or afternoon nap. Will probably kick myself at midnight tonight when I can't sleep, with the 3.15am wake up looming - yes 4.30am practice again tomorrow. Anyway feel better for it now after waking up with the sniffles, courtesy of other students I think, not my gorgeous little orphans, who again I visited yesterday afternoon. It is great going to the home 3 times a week as everyone gets to know you and you them, though it will make leaving difficult, but I am enjoying the time with the little cuties.

More from Mysore and my mat tomorrow.

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