Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello Mysore

Yes have made it in one piece, though a couple of times on the drive I had thought my days were over. I slept a fair bit on the journey from Bangalore to Mysore - I was sooooo tired, and after about 45 minutes of being amused by being back in India, I was beat. It was very smoggy, and it was rush hour as I arrived at 5.00pm, car horns as I'd known, and the stop start just wore me out. Once we got on the open road I was out like a light except waking with excessive breaking or horn. My driver actually was pretty good, and once I finally woke about 8.15pm I was quickly regretting it - we were nearly side swipped - on my side, and almost slammed into a car that decided to stop suddenly in the lane. Although it is chaotic though - there is a system I told myself. Anyway arrived about 9pm in Mysore - yeah - quick greetings to the family and then I hit the pillow, even to tired to shower.

Had the old bucket shower this morning - was really nice, and am off to town in a bit, then to register at the shala this arvo. Will probably skip practice in the morning - will see how I go and feel - lady's holiday!! It's lead and the first one is always the worst.

Well off to hopefully buy some pommegranites (spelling??) at the market - I hope they are in season. Might walk by and say hello to fang who bit me last time I was here - let's hope he's not foaming at the mouth. More later................

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