Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moon Day - rest day of sorts

I'm exhausted from reading the 3 emails I've received - what's going on out there (thanks to Rob and Mark - my only blog followers). I barely know what's going on in the world - apart from shopping, visiting the tailor, eating yummy food, chocolate and more, just having a blast really. I know it's hard - the daily grind - but the odd hello email, or blog comment would be nice. I'll let you off the hook as I haven't yet been gone a week, but then............
Practice yesterday was also great though I was a bit confused after practice. After my high of Monday, I felt a little flat - got my bind in Marichi D again, so after waiting so long for that - now I want Supta K - but if I continue on my eating frenzy here, that wont be on the cards. BTW got cake - bought it before practice, though my housemates, Sara and Bree got some after - they were Carrot cake virgins - and I believe it lived up to my hype (as did Diviya's chocolate) - we in hailed it on the roof of our house - our lounge room, with chai and pomegranates. Anyway back to the practice - it was great - I am totally loving being here, and truthfully I am glad I could pull of Marichiasana D again, particularly as Sharath was watching. Anyway after Supta K - with no adjustment unfortunately, did my backbends then moved to the back (was headed to the change room but Sharath sent me to the back) and Sharath asked if I did backbends - I said yes - then he signed with hands over chest the drop back thingy - I said no - he said Thursday - I said OK (was saying holy shit under my breathe), then he said after full primary - which is what is was last trip. Anyway I have no idea - so tomorrow will be a surprise I guess. But that would be great - I need a new challenge - but that's Supta Kurmasana - and wont that be a journey!
Apart from practice, have been having fun with my new pals Sara and Bree - it's their first trip to India so they are buying everything - with me as shopping guide. We are all having a great laugh and amusing half of Mysore in the process. Our busboy at Hotel Dasaprakash, where we had masala dosas and fresh lime sodas last night was very amused with us, as are the staff at Badsha on Deveraja Urs Road - love that store - the most beautiful saris and fabric, and the chai is awesome - worth shopping there for that. All in all life is great - am very relaxed, rested of sorts - moon day today, which I got through so far unscathed.
The first moon day last trip I decided to pat a dog - not a great idea - well wrong dog to pat. The dog actually is no where to be seen - hope it didn't drop dead from rabies!
So much to tell - though one wonders if anyone wants to hear (except Mark) - if you drop me a line or send me a comment - I might know. Til next time - will report in after practice, cake and Tina's tomorrow if the power isn't out, over and out from Mysore India.

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