Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sims, cooking, baby puke & practice

What a day it's been. Practice was great though might turn up a bit earlier as Sharath was leaving right when I needed him - Supta Kurmasana - that's right - you'll be sick of the sound of that pose by the time I leave India. Anyway it isn't going anywhere - and I suspect this one will have me for a number of years to come if not ever. It will serve as a good reminder for me to walk home often when back in Melbourne, and while here to go easy on the food - easier said than done though.

While on the subject of food, today we had a cooking class with Tina, it was great - Spinach Dal, Bhindi Masala (Okra/Ladies Fingers), and Chapatis - yuuuuuummmmmm. It was really great and Tina fused it with a history/cultural lesson which I found facinating. The great thing is that at the end we get to scoff it down, and a bit along the way too. My favorite thing though was along the way - a chapati with some ghee and jaggery, then all mushed up - it is a quick dessert - more to worry about than chapatis now with getting supta kurmasana! Next week is snacks - samosas, pakoras etc. A friend - my tailor's wife, Sukanya - has also invited me over to teach me some dishes after I told her about my class - can't wait, it will be fun.

Prior to cooking class I went to my friends cafe - Cubs - and he organised for a friend who works for Vodaphone to bring me a sim. I opted for a lifetime one (only Rs 50 more), but can't get it to work in my phone - it keeps telling me restricted access and I need to add a restriction code - so I suspect it is locked by good ol' Telstra. If anyone has any info let me know via email, as I would love to be able to make calls etc. cheaply - as happens here. My friend Santosh - from Cubs - lived in Woolongong and Sydney for 4 years, and loved Australia. He saved up and opened a business in Mysore - which is thriving. He is good value - it is funny when he comes out with Aussie slang. He is going to put me in touch with an astrologer - I am interested in finding out what I can about past, present and future lives - if at all possible. Particularly past - as I am sure I must have lived in India at some stage in a past life. Stay tuned - hope it can be organised.

Had shift 2 at the children's home - man if I was ever unsure around little babies you would never know it now. Had 5 babies under 3 months in my care - one on each arm, one resting between my knees while in crossed leg position, two on the mat on the floor next to me. They are so cute - Indian babies that is - with their dark locks and dark eyes, some with latte skin, some like a short espresso - they are gorgeous. Didn't get shat on today, but did get spewed on and a bit of pee on me - hey but who cares. For quite a period of time I was the only one with all these babies and ended up doing 3 hours rather than 2 as everyone just disappeared - and left me with the babies - what were they thinking - if only they knew I had little experience with tiny infants - but not now.

Well am off to bed - I am nearly threw my first novel - reading not writing that is - and have now a list of books from it's bibliography - all about Partition.
Til tomorrow - namaste.

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