Friday, March 6, 2009

DubaI, Australia, and fatigue

Just paid a small fortune for a coffee (absolute crap), am typing on a keyboard up around my neck - I'm in Dubai, waiting for my connection to Bangalore. Flight was OK except I assigned myself to possibly the worst seat on the plane, but requested a change early in the flight. Was so tired, didn't sleep after work, packed, emailed, all that stuff. Had a few naps on the plane and even managed to stay awake through Australia....can't believe I watched it, and don't be disgusted, but it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated, and I actually quite liked it. The kid steals the show - hope he doesn't grow up to be a crappy actor like his co-stars - Hugh was tolerable, however our Nic was woeful, particularly with that come hither pout, fake aristocrat - she just wasn't convincing, and those bee stung lips - can't remember those from the Henderson Kids or Dead Calm. Not surprising I'm not a fan - anyway it was entertaining enough.
Watched some other worthy shows - TV - but in my delirious state can't remember the name of one, the other was about the Iditarod - which just made me miss my dogs.
Best I head for the departure gate - have got a good seat this time - can watch the 3rd episode of the telly show I can't remember.
Bye from Dubai. See you in India.

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