Friday, March 13, 2009

What to do with my Time

Practice this morning was good, but not great, though I did get an adjustment in Supta Kurmasana, but no touch, definitely no bind. Oh well here begins the next long asana journey - let's see what I learn on the way with this one. I must say that Sharath's adjustment in Supta Kurmasana is much more gentle than last time I was here - which I am thankful for as I was anticipating my rib being out for the entire month, and having difficulties breathing, laughing, sneezing etc. For this I am thankful.
Went to Tina's after practice, she was not there the other day, but a received a warm greeting from the lovely Tina. Of course I had Spirulina, Lime and Mint, fruit salad, and today and egg roll - a fried egg, and onion rolled in a chapati - what's not to like -mmmmmh. It was nice chatting to her, and I also found out about some volunteer work - the schools are nearly on holidays, so no English work, but she sent me to the orphanage, where I went after breakfast.
Tina had said that they had received many little babies this week - which they had. Indian kids are just gorgeous, I might just bring one home. It is heart breaking in the orphanage - mainly little girls, but a few young boys as well. They are soo cute - I was playing in the yard with some, sitting on a see-saw, pushing a little girl with a broken arm on a swing. Man they are soooooooo cute - did I already say that? I have yet to sign up as there was no one there to take our details. I am thinking of doing a couple of hours a day - well maybe 4 or 5 days a week. While I was waiting there was this little girl sitting in the doorway - maybe 12 - 18 months old, a runny nose, and she was falling asleep sitting up - did not look right. So I picked her up - and yes she cried - but then she just went to sleep in my arms - apparently she was sick and that's why she was fatigued, and I was hoping I didn't then come down with a cold too. Anyway she was gorgeous - as they all are - too cute for words. Will find out more tomorrow but would love to do some work there. More on this later.
Had a fairly quiet day otherwise - am reading quite a bit, and had some yummy samosas for dinner, all in all not a very exciting day.
Tomorrow is first led practice for me - always hard, but also fun, can't wait, am always a little nervous before class here - no fear, no fun!!

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