Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Bind is to Bind

I am so happy and excited - today was my first practice in Mysore, after registering yesterday. After registering I attended conference which was inspiring and though provoking, Sharath was very insightful, full of wisdom, and very amusing too. He talked about the senses and emotions, and particularly ego and jealousy, but also touch on many other aspects of life and yoga including asana. He told lots of little stories and anacdotes, it was all fantastic, but I loved when someone asked about having fear - he asked in life or in practice - she said both, and he said, "No fear, no fun" - particularly with reference to asana - which I though was fantastic and true, and I will seize my fear and enjoy it more from now on.
After conference I went with Sara and Bree - my Canadian house mates to the palace to see the lights - something I didn't do last trip - it was fun, and very pretty. Bed early though for fist practice today.
Up early, cold shower (bucket), read a little then off to practice - 50 metres down the road to the Shala. I was very happy to see the cake man out front as I had asked a few people if he was still about and they were not sure. Others who were part of my Mysore world last time have moved on in one way or another. Anyway mental note to get cake on way out - so me thinking of food. And this cake is to die for and for those in the know - you totally understand what I mean. Into shala - I hear the "one more" and I step in (was given a 7.30 start and it's about 7.25 at the latest), and I get from Sharath "You're late" - which I wasn't - he points to the clock - it is about 7.45am. Anyway nearly every person from there on in got the same treatment, so I fugure it just wasn't me - we just need to set our watches to Shala time. Anyway got upgraded to 7.15 tomorrow, so let's hope it's at least 6.30am by the end of the week.
Anyway it was gorgeous and hot and everyting in my body felt good - no sore this or that just contentment and an overall happiness to just be there. Anyway standing poses felt great - mat was a bit slippery but was having a ball. On to floor, all was fantastic - Marichiasana A fine, B great ankle feeling OK, C wrist both sides, on to D feeling fantastic - right side ankle a little twinge, but sucked it all in and up twisted reached - no touch but bind. Only those of you who know my journey with this will get my sense of joy and elation, and loving it so much I did 7 breaths. Jumped back - ready for left side and Sharath asked - did you bind, and I turned and happily said - "Yes I did." One to left side - easy peasy - and continued on to Supta Kurmasana - where he ajusted me - but no bind but I couldn't have cared less - he told me to stop (I was glad - had used up all my energy and adrenulin) and then did my backbends (when I started to dream about cake) and then finishing - was so happy I nearly cried.
Finished - out I went - dreaming of cake - he was gone - no cake!!!
Oh well headed home for a masala tea, banana, then off to Tina's for breakfast - very delicious.
Showed my Canadian housemates around - the shopping tour of Mysore - got offered 2 jobs, work for the tailor Lokesh as a seamstress, and also in a favorite fabric store downtown. A day filled with so much fun, though I apologise to all the non yogis about all the yoga waffle, but guess what - that's what I'm here for, and no doubt there will be more. So forget it? - to touch is to bind - hell no - now there is Supta Kurmasana - and I haven't even got the touch yet.............................................

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