Monday, March 16, 2009


Well you indeed need plenty of patience in India, and most importantly in your yoga practice. At conference today Sharath said you need patience to practice yoga - and yes I tend to agree. I love conference - unfortunately it was the last one, and I forgot to bring pen and paper, but maybe that is not a bad thing as it keeps me focused on what he is saying rather than what I am writing. He comes out with some gems, I wrote some notes afterwards, but I must say I find what he has to say very interesting at at times highly amusing.
Back to patience - well I think I agree for me not much comes easy - and I have come to totally realise over the last few years, the more you think you know, the more you don't know. What you think you have in your practice, you can so easily loose, and for me my practice can totally plateau or suck for long periods of time. Fortunately patience with some poses has paid off, but I need plenty more - always another challenge waiting around the corner.
Anyway will make it short but sweet, as practice at 4.30am this morning meant a very early wake up. Only one led class (primary) meant it was going to be very full, so an early wait at the gate was necessary for a decent spot to lay your mat. It was good, hot and sweaty, and I enjoyed nearly all - with the exception of some poses where the count was long, and the hold was hard!
The weekend overall has been fun - had a nice quiet day yesterday - just caught up with some locals I know and had lots of chats and chai. Am enjoying the down time and just reading, sleeping, or whatever I feel like really. It rained and I was out and about so go a bit wet - something that hasn't happened for a while back home in the land of kangaroos.
Looking forward to practice in the morning, though am a bit full after dhal and rice for dinner, with a bit of garlic naan to stink out the shala. Oh well til tomorrow, namaste.

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