Friday, March 20, 2009

The Touch

I'll be short but sweet - I got the touch - yeah!!!! Supta Kurmasana. The combo of less food, self imposed earlier start time, and doing kurmasana twice, both for an eternity, and then Sharath helping me (that's why I went earlier and hoping not to get told off but lots of people who arrived after me are starting earlier). So starts the journey of this pose - but I asked him a few things - and here the bind/touch is what they focus on more - not foot behind head - anyway wrote a good little essay in my journal on how I suspect it occured, including his comments. Wont share them with you and bore you even more. Tomorrow is led, and Sunday - both 4.30am - so at Shala gates at 3.45am - bed early, so I doubt there will be any further celebrations on the pose front, but I am excited - maybe next week if I get the touch again.

No other interesting tit bits - just hung out with Lokesh and Sukunya this arvo, drinking chai, eating biscuits (now I got the touch) and just doing boring stuff. Finished the book I was reading so might start Vikram Seth's Ordinary Boy - a mega epic about 2,000 + pages - should see me home I think.

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  1. Hellooo!
    Pauline i haven't had much of a chance to follow the blog as yet but just had a quicky look then - kurmasana - so great! You sound bouyant and all that - superb.
    Retreat went swimmingly.
    Been thinking of you.
    Vic xxxx