Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Supta Kurmasana - Tuesday 24/3/09

Yes - there it is again, old Supta Kurmasana (look it up on Google Images if you are curious), and that elusive bind - and yes it happened, but only with Sharath's assistance. Nevertheless I was more than excited for the 30 seconds or so that I held it - my hands broke free as he tried to put my feet behind my head. I must say I analysed how he did it - and no pain or discomfort - a really nice adjustment and after we had a bit of a chat - brilliant - love the man. So far my body is in the one piece, the same, if not better than it was before I left. Anyway I will not bore the pants off all with the details (have them in my diary), but I love the highs - though they are too few and far between. Nailed Marichiasana D both sides (have struggled with a tight bind right side last couple of practices - due to food I suspect). Now that monkey is off my back I have a new one!

Just had an awesome dinner, made a salad from greens I got at the organic market on Sunday (crunchy greens are absent from Indian cuisine), and had a piece of quiche I got from Cubs. Washed down with a fresh lime soda, and piece of plum cake from the little bakery on the main drag. Had a quick snack from a nice little pure veg restaurant Authana's - samosa (hot sambal - hhhh - fire) and a very slow arriving fresh lime soda - delicious. Have cooking class tomorrow - samosas and snack food.

Spent the day with a young girl on a youth exchange program - she is from Sweden and doing full time volunteer work at the orphanage. We went shopping - she is going home and needed some assistance. I am an expert in this field and she knows how to navigate the local bus system - together we were a great team. Had a great day, after a very long breakfast with a couple of older blokes from the US - in their 50s and 60s respectively. They just sat down at Tina's and we had a long chat about yoga and travel for ages - got there at 8ish left at 11.15am. Oh the life!

That's all - loving it, tired and no coffee today, but will sleep well tonight (now).

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