Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Relaxing in Mysore

Well am now into week 3 of practice, as well as India. Have toned it down a notch - not much excitement really - just upped the sleeping, reading, and unfortunately the eating. Well actually not too much more eating but with the orphanage 3 times a week, by the time I finish there and then shower afterwards (for obvious reasons as previously explained), I am too tired to go anywhere to eat or make anything myself. I did scoff down a whole carrot cake today, some for breakfast, the rest before my shift, so really I am not that hungry. Have been tucking into some grapes too, they are really tasty, green and black. And of course anar - pomegranate, and aum - mango has just hit the stands so will be into that very soon. But try to avoid fruit for dinner, though could easily go home and have a banana or something.
I would really like some dal but it's too far to walk and get some now. Actually they just gave me an ice-cream at the home, someone had bought a whole bunch for the kids, and Auntie wouldn't let me leave without having one despite my protests - she told me she would not give me my bag until I ate one. The children were so good and lined up, all very excited though but not pushing or nauty or anything like would happen at home. Might do the same and buy them a treat before I go, as well as a donation. The only little baby boy is teething I think - he was really restless and wanted to chew on my finger. Nursed him all night - actually did nearly 3 hours so he would go to sleep. Might see if I can find him a teething ring or something in the morning. He is a real cutie.

As for practice - oh yeah that's what I'm here for, I have plateaued - I need to have a light food day or two. Actually I was hoping for some assistance with Supta Kurmasana today, but it didn't happen. Some people repeat the pose they are stopped at about 10 times til they get the touch by Sharath, but really I'm not going to those lengths. I did it twice this morning, only as first time the chick next to me was so close I couldn't straighten my left arm and was all kind of mankie, so I did it again. But I would love to move to the next pose, but figure it probably isn't gonna happen - oh well. They are allowing people who don't get there binds to move forward, which didn't happen last time I was here - no bind, no bind, no next pose!! Not now however. Anyway unless I get some assistance, I wont get the next pose, hate it anyway, so can have a months holiday from it!!!

We have moonday this week - 26th, and the 27th in Hindu new year. Jyothi tells me the thing you are supposed to do is get new clothes, so might buy myself a kurti or something as I am sick of the few clothes I did bring with me (not many). Any excuse for a new garment! Wish we had practice straight through all week though.

Met a guy today who had this amazing old volksie - he had actually lived in Melbourne, but the car was fantastic - all restored, very nice. If I ever get round to posting a few photos I will put it up. He has something like 31 cars and 50 odd bikes - think he might be pretty cashed up, though he didn't look very old.

That's about the extent of the excitement - cricket is not on at the moment, and that is often the highlight of my day (India that is not those bogan Aussie's. Saw a headline that my mate Symonds is up to his tricks again). Sachin has been playing so well - lots in the paper about him in the last few days. Also the IPL - hope it goes ahead - wish they would play it in Australia - I would go.

That's it til next time - good night.

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