Thursday, March 5, 2009

Want to sleep!

I am really ready to rest my head for a few hours - got all my work done - don't know how - maybe I forgot something.  Had a cruisie practice this morning, back is a bit NQR and sitting all day - and about to sit in a tin can all night - has and will not do the spine any good.  But tomorrow evening I will be in Mysore - it will be an epic 20 odd hours - hitting Bangalore at rush hour (time) - so am sure I will get to sit in traffic, breathe the gorgeous India fumes, horns blowing - "Horn Please" and love every minute.  We'll see (the royal we that is).
Haven't finished the pack yet - I hate it - have considered taking nothing - oh to be rich!  And I'm freezing - what's with this Melbourne weather - I know people will hate me for saying, but can't wait for a bit of warmth.
Will post from the other side - stay tuned..............

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