Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No More Chapatis

Well ol' fat ass was told by Sharath this morning - "No More Chapatis" as he tried to get my bind in Supta Kurmasana - and to no avail. So have had a light on food day - hard here - as I am sure you have worked out, but am about to have a salad for dinner, though would love dhal, rice and chapati for dinner. Oh well the price I pay for another pose. Actually he says that to everyone, but a bit of restraint will do me good. Got an invite today to a friend's place (Indian) for a home cooked Indian lunch - so will save up my pig out for that. Nearly had an invite to a wedding tonight, but it was going to be hard to sure it up and get something to wear - so I passed it up - but have been promised an invite to my friend Santosh's wedding - date not set, bride yet to be found, but hopefully I will finally get to an Indian wedding. He lived in Australia for a number of years so each time I have been here we always have long chats, as I think he really misses Australia. It is also good to have a few contacts here - when you need something you know who to ask and they can always get things for you at the right price and without all the hoopla.
Had a cruisy day today - trying not to eat....actually just trying to have lots of downtime and not feel guilty about having naps every time I feel like it.
(I am in an internet place - guy next to me keeps hacking up stuff - as long as he doesn't spit too - it's discusting).
Got shat on again today - this time by a bird - lovely - they have big poo here.
Each day I am loving being here more - am doing less socialising by the day - it is nice being quiet and just reading and watching the world go by, without feeling like you have to be doing something or some activity. The volunteering will take up some time, and tomorrow I have a cooking class - so that is my activity for the week and will also form part of my socialising too. Am looking forward to the class though, Tina is taking it and she is a fantastic person, and a really good laugh too.
But back to India. On Saturday and Sunday it rained quite a bit - it was lovely - I got caught in it both days - it was fantastic. Each morning I acknowledge being here, particularly as there are things you no longer see in Australia that you see here - like - people washing their paths and the front of their house - hoses and all. They take so much pride in the cleanliness and appearance of their homes around here and after washing the front down they use rice flour to make a design - Rangoli, which I think is to keep the good spirits in or the bad spirits out - something like that. The designs are very intricate and beautiful.
Anyway I love it and my love affair with India continues - stronger than ever. Might see an astrologer to see when it was I lived here in the past!

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