Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crocs, kids, kurmasana & cooking

Yesterday I went to a bird sanctuary with a fellow yogini - Ashley. Her and I had a great time - it was about a 20 - 39 minute rickshaw drive out of Gokulam, and then we just walked and slid (in mud and leaves) around. It was very beautiful and set out amongst the rice paddies. We also took a boat ride where you got up closer to the birds and almost personal with the crocs in the water - and they were big mothers too. I nearly dropped the sunnies in the water, but would have thought twice about sticking my hand in the water. Bad enough being bitten by a dog last time, but being bitten by a croc!!!

Yesterday was an epic day - up at 3.30am - bed at 9.00pm - tired, tired! Had a really yummy (actually 2) samosas from a hole inthe wall - Rs10 for dinner, and a piece of plum cake from the main street bakery for dinner. I nearly fell asleep eating - except the samosas were really hot and spicy, and that kept me awake.

Practice is practice - nothing new - wont bore you to death. Classes are being taught by Saraswati now that Sharath is off on his world tour. The shala is noticeably quieter, with even more people leaving today. Led yesterday was quiet, but even less today. Nice for the space anyway. Now I'm on the Supta Kurmasana challenge.

Kids were great tonight, finished at 7.30pm - find it hard just to walk out when it starts to get crazy in there. Hopefully they will let me take some photos before I leave, it will be sad to go from there. But I have found a young yogini to fill my shoes - she came today with me and seemed to really enjoy it and I think she'll go back (many don't after the first go).

Cooking tomorrow - more yummy things. Life is starting to get a little hectic - lots of invites to lunches and dinners, an interview for a research project, a pedicure (feet are absolutely vile), shopping of course though nothing much - just stuff from a friend's dad's shop, and dinner with his family - always like the Indian invites, and trying to finish reading a couple of books before I leave (don't want to drag them with me). All trains are booked, and I'm starting to feel a little daunted about moving on and travelling around a bit. But it will be fun, an adventure, only a week left here in Mysore.

Til the next post - namaste.

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