Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fat Ass

That's what i am going to have (well an even bigger one) if I don't stop eating. Man the food is great here - actually it's not all bad but there is so much nice stuff to eat, and so much time to do it. This morning before practice I picked up my cake (see earlier posts if you are not up on the cake thing), and I paid him for the one yesterday - keeps ya coming back. Had chai and a slice of cake on the roof after practice (BTW it was good - that is the practice) before heading off to Tina's for you guessed it more food - breakfast. I actually drank more there than I ate - Spirulina, Lime and Mint - I could move here just for that. I also had eggs and chapatis, finishing up there at midday (oh the life of a holidaying yogi....mmmm). Went home and had a nap - it's hard but someones got to do it, before going to visit Lokesh and Sukanya (tailor and his wife - my good friends), then to the children's home at 4.00pm.
Today was my first shift - and I tell you I touched more babies than I have in nearly all my life, changed more nappies than ever before (thank Krishna they don't have disposables - save the planet!), and got peed, shat and spewed on lots (I know some of you are laughing and/or in disbelief). It was relatively enjoyable surprising particularly given I would not consider myself good with babies (average 2 - 3 months old in the nursery). They are really cute though - love Indian kids. There was no one really telling you what to do - and even when there was they didn't speak English. All quite bizarre, but am glad I am doing it.
After my shift - left at 6.30pm, I headed home to wash up and change clothes (think poo, wee and spew), and then headed out to find something for dinner (not really very exciting decided to do a light snack instead - vege quiche from Cubs). I think it is really fantastic that the ashram (Children's home) is not too regulated - like what happens at home. Having had some experience with children's services when I worked in Shepparton, it is refreshing to see that kids still turn out OK without crazy OTT regulations. DHS would die if they saw what happens here - nothing bad at all but just not western craziness and regulations gone mad - really much like all of India. Somehow in all the chaos and madness, the place actually functions and is refreshingly alive because of it.
Anyway can't finish off without boring you all a bit more about my practice - actually nothing much happened at all - experimented a bit with Supta Kurmasana - Sharath disappeared so no adjustment. Anyway tomorrow have been bumped up to 6.45am so hopefully he will be about. Just want a touch - I think the bind is out of the question for this pose - but never say never, I used to think Marichiasana D was not for me but look what happened. Anyway enough bantering - off to bed for rest.

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