Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love Limca

Had my first Limca this afternoon, even though I can get it in Melbourne, nothing like it on hot afternoon in India. Walked around the city centre a bit - it's pretty hot - I love it, love South Indian heat.
Couldn't register at the shala as it is not open Saturdays or Moon Days - big sign on fence. So will do it tomorrow, and apparently there is conference tomorrow at 4.30pm. Will have a sleep in tomorrow and maybe a small practice in my room, while I still have the big room - moving Monday to the small room - it's cheaper and I just found out via the first edition of Indian Harpers Bazaar, that Manish Arora - on OTT Indian designer - is about to launch - well in conjunction with Swatch - a line of watches - can't wait - might even have to make a special trip to Bangalore to get one - love his stuff and desperately need a watch - sounds like timing to me - excuse the pun.
Priya - Jyothi's 19 year old niece just put a music show on with Bollywood clips - love it - and Papa was watching the cricket this arvo - yep I'm in India.
Looking forward to my first practice - my back feels a bit stuffed - sitting on a plane too long, and chained to my desk for the duration of the week - both contributing factors. Anyway it is always something - all I want are my bindings in Marichiasana D - probably wont be going any further than Kumasana - but me no complain - Marichiasana D will do just fine - will let you know come Monday.

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